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Issue #4

December 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Editor in Chief
Katerina Karagianni

Design (Journal & Cover)
Cécile Tafanelli

Advisory Crew
Anika Schwarzlose
Brian D. McKenna
Tzika Gutter

Associate Editor
Linda Theodorou

Flexi disc, designed by and featuring

Poster, designed by
Matthias Tharang

Contributing artists
Natasja Alers
Skafte Aymo-Boot
Marie Ilse Bourlanges
Sara Campos
Leonor Faber-Jonker
Leonidas Germanopoulos
Sonia Kazovsky
Maya Kessler
Elena Khurtova
Dimitris Liossis
Sonia Mangiapane
Maia Matches
Hanna Mattes
Brian D. McKenna
B.J Nilsen
Mike Ottink
Lotte Reimann
Matthias Tharang
Kyle Tryhorn

Journal, printed at
Stencilzolder, Amsterdam

Poster, printed at
Kaboem, Amsterdam

Did it Ourselves

99 copies